Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yes, I did Yellow

I worked on the towel warp at the studio today.  I finished the second (rust) towel and started the third one.  I decided on yellow.  This gives a sunny, bright towel.  
It really is a bright towel!  The colors show up well, the antique gold looks like spring green.  I love the way colors "read" as something different depending on what they are surrounded by.  It's always a fun and new experience to see what will happen with color.

I've also been working on the bobbin lace.  I am almost at the join of the pricking (the pattern).  That means that I have laced twice around the roller or about 24" of lace.  They say that it takes about an hour to do one square inch of bobbin lace and this lace is about 1 inch wide.  That means I have about 24 hours of work on there.  Bobbin Lace is slow, but I enjoy seeing each section of the pattern getting done.  These little spiders on the pattern are fun and look good.

I started working with the roving for spinning.  I divided it in two sections, then I divided it again and ended up with fourth's, then again to eighths, but it still was not fine enough.  When the roving is thick then the color section is very long.  I needed to get the roving thin enough that the color section would be shorter.  I think that I will be doing the sixteenths.
Half, quarter, eighths, sixteenths
I also have a picture showing the blue for the ground fabric.  It is a fine wool/silk.  You can see a bit of the yarn on top of the roving at the bottom of the picture.  I think I need to spin this roving about twice the size of the blue yarn.  That means that I need to spin it that fine and 2 ply it to make it about double.  
Blue ground yarn and one sixteenth split in the roving.


  1. I love the yellow! Maureen

    1. The colors should "pop" more after washing.