Flax field

Flax field

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

Some things that we do remind us of the feelings of Christmas and today I was doing some of those things.  I started off this morning setting up for a Holiday Sale at Pioneer Craft House.  We didn't do as good of planning on this one, but we did get people in and we all sold stuff, so it was OK.  Plus it is fun to hang out with the other teachers and get to know them better.  We are not usually teaching at the same times and we do not get to spend time just talking and enjoying each others company.  So that was my first dose of good Christmas cheer.

The second Christmas thing I did this evening.  I went to a Christmas Concert put on by the Murray Symphony.  My sister-in-law plays with this symphony and it is great fun to attend to support her, but they play great music and are fun to see.  This one, of course, was Christmas music.  I love Christmas music and they had a chorus singing with them part of the time...I love Christmas Carols.

These were both things to help me get in the Christmas spirit.  Tomorrow I will put up some more of my Christmas decorations and that will make the house "feel a lot like Christmas".

I have been working on the narrow lace and have about twelve inches done.  I like the way it is looking.

I did three yards of the wider lace,  I wonder if I can do five yards of this one.  It is about half the width, so it is going quite fast and I can even watch movies on television while I am lacing.

I've been thinking of starting a new spinning project.  I know I had planned what to do with this roving, but I can't find the plans.  I love the woven fabric that uses a thick textured yarn and a finer base yarn.  This book shows quite a number of these patterns.  I know that I had purchased this roving to do this type of pattern, because I have two cones of a beautiful blue that I want to use for the base yarn.  
Roving and book of patterns
I know I need to split the roving to make the color changes shorter, but I'm not sure if I want a single ply or a two ply yarn.  I like the way the two ply weaves, but that means spinning a much finer single, and the color will be more broken up when you ply two together.  

A short color change and the two ply could give a good overall mixed color.  That would eliminate the stripping that often happens with the longer color repeats.  And if I do short color repeats and two ply, I can do the warp and weft yarns the same.  I just need to figure how fine I need to spin the get the size of two ply yarn that I want.  This sounds like a good plan.

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