Wednesday, September 8, 2010

De-Nile ain't just a River in Egypt

I've been working on a scarf from my current favorite designer, Susan Pandorf.  She has been designing some pieces inspired by the Lord of The Rings books/movie.  And as I love LOTR, I decided to do a couple of the designs...OK a bunch.

I am doing a little scarf that she had as a free pattern on her website (A Few Stitches Short).   It called for a yarn that I had been interested in...Rowen Purelife Revive.  This yarn is interesting to me because it is made from recycled, used garments of silk, cotton and viscose.  I like this because it used to be that we paid more money for "virgin" wool that had not been recycled.  Now we pay more for yarn that is made from recycled fiber.  Makes you go hummm...mm.

But that is not my denial, it was my attitude about the amount of yarn that I needed.  The pattern clearly said 2 skeins for a 60 inch scarf.  At the time, I thought this was a little short, but at $10 a skein, I decided that two would probably be long enough for my scarf.  I cast on and started knitting.  (Here was another sign that my secret self knew that it was not going to be enough;  I started to knit and worked to get the scarf done before the yarn went off the market and I could not get any more.)

But still the denial.  When I finished the first skein, I held up the scarf and thought this is a little short. And the next thought was:  there is still another skein, maybe it will be long enough.  I contnued to knit and was making my way though the second skein with that same refrain in my mind...There is still more yarn, maybe it will be long enough.

I finally realized accepted that this was not going to be long enough when there was about 12 inches of yarn left.  We all knew that was going to happen and of course it happened on Sunday before Labor Day.  So, after work Tuesday I made a dash to the shop to get the third skein.  I am now 2 inches into the third scarf and the tension has eased.  I know I will have enough yarn to make the scarf as long as I want.  

Isn't it a pretty lace pattern?  Just the design I wanted, simple to knit pattern and reversible, perfect for a scarf.  I love to have a nice relaxed knitting experience.

Some times I wish I would just accept the little voice in the back of my mind that really knows what is happening.