Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Planning a runner and Planning

I have been getting a few more things done.  I have been staying home, the weather has been snowy and wet.  I used it as an excuse to stay home and work on the stuff here.

I did get the plan for the new runner in rep.  It will coordinate with the smaller one I made in the class.  I wish that the narrow one could have been a little longer, but it should work on the sofa table.
Narrow runner on the table.
I am not completely pleased with this, but it will match the winter rugs and such.  So now I want a wider one to go on the coffee table.  When I started winding this warp, I thought that I had figured it correctly but I wound too much of the first three sections, so that there was no room for the third color.
Three top layer colors and dark green for the bottom
I had extra warp that I didn't use for the class sample.  So I want to incorporate this warp into the new runner warp.  I double checked my figures this time so I hope that I get it right.
Sample showing the blocks.
My goal is to have the light green replace the beige in the center two blocks.  Then I will add an additional "point twill" section (the one in the rust color) on each side to get more width.  This should give me enough for the two additional blended areas.  So I would have rust, rust/beige, beige, beige/light green, then light green in the center and reversed on the other side.  I think it worked out that all the sections need to be a little narrower, but that should be close enough that they will both look good in the living-room.  If there is enough, I may do a square one for the last table in that room.  But we will see how that goes.  

The first problem is figuring how to wind and put on the warp so that the extra warps from the first piece will fit in well.  I warp mostly from back to front and I want to do this one that way.  I'm willing to do front to back warping if that would make it easier, but I hate to sit in the back of this loom to thread.

The Swedish piece is coming along well.  I have the loom set up on the dining room table, so it needs to be put away before the Christmas eating binge.  
Weaving side of the pillow top.
It is hard to see how the piece is going when the top side looks like this!

Now that my children are older, cooking and eating are the main things we do at Christmas.  If I can get time with them, I would like to go up to my Mom's for a day or two after Christmas day.  There will still be the lights at the Christmas Village, and we have not gone there for a couple of years.

My big "Plan" is to get the studio cleared enough to actually work in there.  All of my weaving lately has been on looms that are not in my studio.  I have woven lots on the looms at the PCH studio, or in other rooms in my house (thus the loom on the dining room table), but the studio has been a "catch all" room.  I go in there to get the teaching materials, and sometimes put them away after.  I put things in there "for now" and they build up to stacks of mess.  The main reason that I stayed home, using the weather as an excuse, is to clear that room up.  I want to be able to work down there...I want to be able to walk around in that room without fear of tripping and killing myself!  Working two days, I have got about a fourth of the floor cleared up and most of those things have either been thrown out or put away.  No more stacks.  I took some pictures, but I don't think I can face them on here.

At Pioneer Craft House, we had a spot on a local TV show.  This is a morning show.  I had to be there at 5:30 AM, and I got all set up to talk to the guy, show him some weaving and finishing and making presents for Christmas.  As it turned out, they scheduled all the segments with other teachers, and I did not get on.  The closest I got was his intro on the program while he was standing in the weaving studio.
Oh well, we did not get to see weaving, but we did have looms in the show.

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