Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have finished a few things

I keep waiting for the big drama to happen to write about, but I really don't want big drama in my life.  I just "keep on keepin' on" and doing the normal daily things.  So I need to get used to just writing about the little daily things.

I am excited about being in Handwoven magazine.  When I was asked to write about my shawl, I was so excited, but I don't think I told hardly anyone.  I didn't want to jinx it I guess.  The piece is my beautiful Copper River Shawl.  I have been using that for my banner for a while.  I am very pleased with the piece and want to continue to wear it.  It got delivered back to me last week and I have been showing it and the magazine around to friends.  

I have also finished a few things.  One of the 100 Projects, that I thought I could finish a couple of years ago... finally, I have got another one done.  The Bohus cuff that I started in the knitting class.  Now my DD wants me to knit her a Bohus sweater.  On those small needles, it will take some time to finish, but the yarns are wonderful to work with, so I should get a lot of pleasure out of the project for some time to come.

I also joined a KAL, mostly because it was Mountain Colors yarn...I love their yarn.  The shawl above, is also their yarn.  But for this one, we did fingerless mitts and I bought a kit from my LYS.  They turned out great, now I want to get a new coat to wear with them!

My classes have been going pretty good.  The Beginning Weaving did not get enough advertisement so it was small, but the rug class filled.  The students warped most of the looms in the studio, so the studio looks "lived in".  Looms are so much better when they have warps on them, even though these are only 8 inches wide, I like the looms filled.
Students warping the looms for rug samples
The bobbin lace group had a member teaching her christmas ornament again this month.  She designs a new one for each year.  I started last year's, but never got very far.  So I did not start the new one, but instead took last year's to get help starting again.  I'm pleased that it is coming along.  Today I ran into some problems with the Halo Spider, but I will get that down too.

But I am very happy to have my Big Mac back in working order.  I have been dragging my feet on this one.  Way back last year, I did a sample for some yardage with a handspun yarn I had.  I loved the Zephyr for the body of the fabric, so I ordered another cone of that color. Unfortunately, they were redyeing all the colors and my color was not next on the list.  After a few months the yarn came, but I had lost momentum.
A couple of months ago, I measured the warp (720 ends) and wound it on the warp beam of the Mac.  Then I realized that there were not enough heddles.  (I had moved to big eye heddles for making the rugs, but there were not enough rug orders to keep the loom busy.)  I wanted to move the big eye heddles off and put on the regular eye.  (The big eye heddles weigh quite a bit more and I don't need that weight on this loom when I try to lift the shafts.)  
So finally last week, I moved heddles off twelve shafts and put on new ones.  Between the ones coming off and the ones going on, I moved over 1300 heddles.  And I only got the first 12 shafts done, I needed to get more heddles for the last 4 shafts, but this fabric only takes 12 shafts.  So now I am ready to go with the yardage.

Within two days I had the heddles threaded and yesterday I finished sleying the reed.  (I had studio hours at PCH both days and that slowed me down.)  
Today I tied on the warp and started weaving.  It looks like I will have enough handspun to completely weave the front and back of the jacket and I can have the sleeves in the background color.  I though I would only be able to have stripes of the handspun down the center front and center back.  
This shows the ground weave and the start of the handspun
The color of the handspun is much brighter that I usually wear...but I like it and it will be fun to have in a jacket.  I put on six yards of warp, so may have enough yardage to make a skirt or something to go with the jacket...I just need to sew it instead of putting it in a box like most of the yardage I have woven....Oh I should take some out and finish those projects also!