Flax field

Flax field

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Towels & Scarves...Yes, Bobbin Lace...No

I finished sleying and lashing the towels on the Gilmore.  The colors are pretty wild for me.  I brought several bobbins of weft to audition which ones I will use for the towels and got started.  I like the rust, beige and orange and I will use the dusty rose because I have so much of it, but I don't think I will use yellow.

I was having trouble with the end feed shuttle.  I tightened the tension, but was still getting loops on the right side...the left side looked pretty good.  I will work on it when I start the first towel.  It may be a warp tension problem.  I think I am going to like the towels even if they are a little wild for my taste.  I love the structure and the little "v" shapes that appear on the Bumberet threading.

I also managed to wind the second scarf warp.  I tied it on to the first warp and wound it on in under 30 minutes.  That is a good thing since I need to get it off and the third needs to be put on this week.  

You can see the lease sticks and cross in front in the wolf trap (tray) on my loom and the knots just below the shuttle race on the beater.  The new warp is fawn with a couple of grey stripes.  I just used an overhand knot to join them, it is faster and it was holding well on this slippery alpaca.

lashed on and ready to weave
Do you think I can get the first scarf started tonight?

Warp One fresh off the loom
I got three scarves on the first warp.  Two of them are dornik twill and one is point twill.  I think they look good.  I need to burl them (correct errors and cut threads) and wash them tonight.  I'm pleased with the first warp of the scarves.

My bobbin lace is not doing as well.  I took off the 3 yards of 2" lace trim and I wanted to make a narrower lace to match it.  I found a lace in Cook's book that seemed to fit, but when I started the lace it looked so open.  I compared the size of the grid and the 2" lace is much finer.  Since I am using the same yarn (90/2 linen) I need to change the size of the new pricking.  I looked in my bobbin lace notes and found the grid that I made the 2" lace on...it had a note "reduced by 25%".  So I am going to re-draft the narrower lace on the grid then visit the copy shop to reduce the size, finally I should have the needed picking!

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