Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving on to Other Crafts

The Good News:  After retreating the rug with the enzyme solution and washing it out again with the hose, the rug is smell free!!  And not just according to my poor smelling abilities, I had it checked out by both husband and son.  The rug is again covering the floor in the studio,,,and the studio is cleaned up enough to walk around and do some crafts.

And I have also been doing one of my secondary crafts...Bobbin Lace.  I pulled out a couple of the pillows that I have projects going on and have decided to set up a table in the studio with work space for lace.  I need to determine how much lace I need for Betsey's sunsuit and then I will work the lengths to complete her outfit.  Her lace is a miniature one and only uses seven pairs of bobbins, the lace is less than a half of an inch wide, I think I will gather it slightly for her outfit.

I also finished a bookmark, but then I got caught up in the decorating of the bobbins.  I had finished 9 pairs some time ago, but I decided I needed 24 pairs with the flower designs.   I start out with commercial wooden bobbins.

I paint them different colors to coordinate with the beads and the decals.

At this point most people who sell the bobbins will paint pretty pictures on the bobbins.  I can paint lollipop trees and zig-zag mountains, so I apply rub on decals to get a design on my bobbins.

Then I get to add the beads.  Traditionally beads were added to the bobbins to give them weight to help with the tension of the threads.  I love to add them for the bling they give my pillows when I am working on my bobbin lace.

So now I have my bobbins, just 4 more pair and I will have the 24 pairs of flowered bobbins.  

As you can see from the pillow in the first picture, many of my bobbins are just beautiful woods with fancy turnings and then beaded.  I buy or get them from various artists that make them.  These flowered ones are just for me to have...not nice enough to sell and I have fun working with them.  I will be putting on another bookmark later today or tomorrow.