Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Progress at Last

I have been meeting commitments I made to various people in Utah.  But I have a commitment that has been lagging behind...finishing up the rugs and scarves I promised to weave. 

Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I got the rugs hemmed this afternoon, after the blood drawing at the doctor, and the hairdresser and before meeting the students at the studio.  At the studio, I checked over the rugs, corrected the knots in the warp and checked the hems.  (My sewing machine was acting up and the tension was bad.)  I had to take out the hems in two of the rugs, but I corrected them when I got home.

That all sounds so stupid.  I have been running around, and wasting time more than I have been weaving.  But the rugs look great.  When the sun comes up tomorrow, I plan to get some pictures, hopefully they will be in the mail Friday.

At the same time, I got the last scarf off the loom.  The pattern did not work out the way I wanted, but I washed that scarf and the two from the second warp tonight.  They should be dry tomorrow and I will also be able to get them documented with photos.

I am so happy to get these done, now I can get my Christmas decorations up.  (On a weird aside, I was listening to the song "We need a Little Christmas."  The whole song is about decorating early for Christmas.  In one line in the movie that the song came from, they state "It's only a week after Thanksgiving."  I find it amusing that they considered a week after Thanksgiving to be early...now we see Christmas starting with Halloween.  It is so sad.)

Some of my old decorations.
My sisters and I recently divided up the old village that we used to set up each Christmas.  The church and house originally belonged to my great aunt (circa 1930) and the little people were made by me and my siblings when we were young (circa 1960).  We each want to make a shadow box design with them.  When we were young our village always had a hill for the skiers.  I hope I can find a box or deep frame that I can build a little hill and put my little village in.  It will be a fun reminder of our childhood Christmases.

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