Lilies at the Getty

Lilies at the Getty

Monday, April 10, 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April Showers

We have been getting more rain than usual and warm weather.  My spring flowers have been beautiful and the blooming trees around town have been great to see.
Flowering Pear Tree
This tree is beautiful, I am told it does not have a good fragrance.  But because my sense of smell is so undeveloped, I love seeing this tree bloom each spring.

 Golden Crocus
The golden crocus are gone now, but they always give me a good feeling when I see them.  They make me smile!

The Sarah Jackson workshop was great fun.  I always love spending 2 or 3 days with my weaving buddies, but I got to look at color in a new way.

Color Wrappings

We did color wrappings, picking colors looking at a picture or a fabric.  Sarah had a table full of great colors of 8/2 cotton.  I do not have that good of a collection of cotton, but I decided that I could come up with a good color scheme from a picture or something by using embroidery floss.  That comes in many colors and is not too expensive.  That way I can find a color scheme that I want to play with and then work on the weaving yarns to do a piece.
Finished plain weave samplers
We all got to play with a beautifully colored warp and we got to try all different colors to cross it with.  The mixes of warp and weft color made some great designs.  A good place to start from when designing.

I did not get my warp finished by time the class was done, and I have not been able to get to it with all I have been trying to finish.  I need to focus and get some things done while I am between teaching classes.

My Scarf in the show
Along with the workshop, we had a show and it is fantastic.  There are so many great pieces in the show.  We have weaving, stitchery, quilting, bobbin is a true fiber arts show.  I was so pleased to get the HGA prize for my scarf.  This is one that I wove in singles linen and worked to get a collapse cloth.  I ended up using my spinning wheel to add twist to the weft and when I took it off the loom and wet it, it did just what I wanted it to.  I love this scarf and wear it more than any other of my scarves.

I also went on a trip with my sisters.  We took Mom on a long weekend to Albuquerque.  For various reasons we drove, we stayed in a nice BnB house and enjoyed a couple of days.  We went to museums, walked around "Old Town", bought Indian jewelry and enjoyed each other's company.  
Georgia O'Keeffe
  I saw some great color combinations at the Georgia O'Keeffe gallery, beautiful stained glass at the local churches and I spent way too much money.  (However, I do not regret any purchase!)
Santa Fe Cathedral 
And Mom took a picture of the four of us at the house.
Four Sisters - Artists
We are a good looking bunch...even if I complain about that old lady that looks back at me in the mirror.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I have a computer again

Our household had been partially without a computer.  I don't know what happened, but the main tower would let the other two linked computers work, but my files were not available.  I have been in panic mode trying to get taxes for my business finished and figuring how I could write up an invoice.
Thanks to my DS, I now have a halfway computer.  We have it running on a different processor (it seems to be the motherboard giving us problems).  So we need to order new parts and get my original tower working.  This one is really slow, and will not play online videos.  Small problems for the joy of being able to get into my files.

My winter classes are almost done and because of a road trip with my sisters, I will not be starting again until the end of April.  A little time to catch up on the things I want to do around the house.  I really need to get my studio and the annex in shape, walking in there is like a pathway house.  I have lots of craft stuff and I need to decide what I can actually do and what can be passed on to someone else.  I think I can live forever and get all the projects done...but that may not be the case.

The first of this month, I took a 3 day workshop with Sarah Jackson...her color workshop.  It was great fun and I even learned a few things.  It is always good to be forced to combine colors in a different way.  I took lots of pictures, but unfortunately, I can't figure how to put pictures on this computer tower.  Sarah is a great teacher and shares herself and her design sense with you.  This is my second workshop with her and she helps me think about weaving things in a different way.  It is always good to get another perspective on what you are doing.

I finished on set of scarves for commission

I am still weaving scarves and a few rugs.  I was pleased to get one set done, that is the invoice that I was so worried about.  I have another set going on the loom now, but no new pictures.
Yarn for the next group of scarves
This group is alpaca (the previous was Icelandic Sheep), and has more white.  I plan to do the pinwheel and dornik check patterns, but one llama was named "Lace" and is white.  I want to do some lace scarves from her yarn.  I think they will be wonderful.

This weekend, I'm going on a road trip with my Mom and sisters.  We only have a long weekend, but it will be good to get out of the valley and see something new.  I hope to be able to go to the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe while we are there.

Spring is blooming everywhere.  The trees are in bloom and daffodils are blooming.
Here is an old picture of my beautiful daffodils.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Onward and Upward

I have really been AWOL on my internet presence.  I want to change that.

I have been feeling better, the smog is gone today and we have blue skies and sun today.  It should last for a few days.  I was lucky enough to spend a few days the end of January in the mountains and again great blue skies and sun.  I have obviously needed the sun.  My DH was driving around on one of the sunny days this week and saw a car pulled up in the school parking lot (on a Saturday), there was an older couple (like our age!) who had opened the back of the car, got a couple of chairs out and they were enjoying "catching a few rays".  That is what I have been trying to do also...get some sun and help my attitude.

I need to look at the government condition not as something to make me crazy/sad, but instead of a call to get more involved in the things that are important to me.  I want to see equality and equity for all people, I want to see the natural world protected, and I want to see a healthy economy (not necessarily a growing economy, but a healthy one - bigger is not necessarily better).

Am I being a "Pollyanna" about this?...I don't think least not too much.  I am not totally ignoring the problems, but I choose not to dwell on them.

The trip to the mountain cabin was our Christmas gift.  With unmarried adult children, we like to do things, not give things.  We stayed in a little cabin (unfortunately with a small mouse) at Fish Lake.  
The mouse is probably hiding somewhere in there!
We have stayed there before in the winter, starting in the 1980's.  It is well known for ice fishing.  We don't fish, but instead we cross-country ski, or snow shoe, or walk out on the lake and see ice fishing.  (Did you know the lake makes the most wonderful deep cracking sounds?)  Or just sit and enjoy the time. 
Here's the lake across the street and through the window!

This year I did a lot of sitting by the fire and reading, and sitting by the window and letting the sun shine on me.  It was very cold outside (walking on the snow, it made a squeaking sound) so sitting outside in the sun was not comfortable.  But the few days away from the stress of everyday and the horrible smog we get in the winter was really good.  
Combination kitchen/dining/livingroom

I have been teaching classes and they are slightly over full, so a little more work.  I've spent some time up at Mom's running errands with her.  And I have said yes to too many additional things that I want to do.  The calendar is filling up fast!.. thus the stress.  I need to learn to say "no" a few times.

I have gotten some work done...but I've been slower than I wished.
End of another warp of scarves
Here is the end of the third warp out of four.  The fourth will be shorter, because I am using up the last of the yarn.

I enjoyed our January Sister's Date.  We decided to do Valentine's decorations.  One sister was stitching on a previously started red fabric, stitching hearts.  She said it was probably a pillow.  Another sister was making Valentine's Day cards.  She was stitching hearts on the fronts...she saw that idea on Pinterest.  The other two of us were stitching hearts to hang.  I have a hanger that I use to show off my Christmas bobbin lace ornaments, I want to use it for other holidays, so I started a Valentine's heart. 
Front of the heart
Here is my work so far.  The first layer of design is the lace and stitched boarder.  Now I am adding the second layer of stitchery...some flowers and probably vines.  Then I will add some beads to finish it off.  There is also a back side, but it only has a white small heart stitched on for the first layer.

The heart that I will probably have displayed this year  was made and given to my by my sister that loves patchwork and putting pieces together to make something.  It is a wonderful crazy quilt looking heart.
"Sister's Love", a heart to display.
Isn't it great.  She has a wonderful stash of lace and fabric, then adds some stitchery.  I love it and will put it on the bigger display hanger.

I also celebrated a birthday in February...and my DD got my cake at my favorite bakery.
Yes, Raspberry and Chocolate...I couldn't ask for anything more.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


I have had a hard time the last couple of months, physically, mentally and spiritually.  My physical problems a minor compared to so many people, but they slowed me down.  I feel like I have done less than I should and the studio that I teach at has been fighting to maintain.  We found out that we lost the case, so I don't know if I will be able to continue teaching I place my worth as the business I do...does the title of teacher constitute my self worth?  And I have not been able to find my camera for a month...what did I do with it?

The end of September we had a great time in southern Utah.  We planned to camp at Bryce National Park, and stopped at Cedar Breaks National Monument on the way down.  The aspen trees were beautiful in transition to fall and the area is volcanic so the contrast with the lava rock was beautiful.
Lava and aspen trees
We were lucky to get a camp site in the park...thanks to my son and DH's efforts.  It is great to be in the park so that an early morning walk puts you at the edge of the basin to see the sun rise and the deer eating, or evenings watching the sun set.
Our tent and sunset view
Deer mom and twin fawns
I spent one morning watching a small herd of deer with a pair of fawns...they are hard to photograph with my skills and they blend in with the background, but they were fun to watch.

My son tried to get some long exposure star pictures with the hoodoos as foreground, but the weather did not cooperate and the clouds came in to mess it up.  As usual, he did get some great can you not in a place like this.
Bryce National Park
On one of the sunrise walks, I slipped in a wet sand area, it had been raining the night before.  My feet went out from under me and I hit hard, first hip, then shoulder, then head.  I don't think I lost consciousness, but I saw stars.  Amazing, just like the cartoons from my childhood, I really saw stars!  I spent the afternoon feeling pretty bad, nauseous and sleepy.  I managed to enjoy the rest of the time there, but I really cut back on what I was doing.

The month of October was a total blur.  I was teaching two or three nights a week and even four nights on a week or two.  I managed to get my class materials together and do well in the classes, but I spent almost all the rest of the day sleeping.  I may have had flu then too, I had some stomach problems, but maybe it was the after effects of the concussion.  When each class was finished, unfortunately, I just left the examples in a pile in my weaving studio, so I built a "pathway" room.  I could hardly move in there, that is what makes me feel like I did not do as much as I should and the room is still overflowing with things that need to be put away.

Classes finished in mid November, although I still maintained studio hours three days a week, and I started the holiday season.  We managed to get my mom to see the lights in the gardens at Thanksgiving Point and we had a great time with her.  Then we had her staying at our house for Christmas eve.  

I had fun bringing out my Christmas decorations and we bought a new lighted tree to put up.  (Last year I did not even put up a tree.)  This one was easy to put up and I prefer a man-made tree instead of a real one.  I miss the great smell of the real one, but I am not good at keeping them watered and I worry about fires.  I like to leave my decorations up until the 12th day of Christmas, so that makes a long time for a real tree.

I have been getting some weaving done for commission, and trying to learn about Crackle weaving.  I have kept the rigid heddle loom warped, at least one has had a piece on and sometimes both of them.  That is part of my problem, too many projects on too many looms.  Right now I have yardage on my big Mac, an old workshop piece on the baby Mac, scarves and shawls on the Baby Wolf, a rug on the studio Mac and a towel warp in Crackle to experiment with on the studio HD.  Then I have the pick-up scarf on the Cricket RH and I just put on a towel warp on the Flip RH.  Is that all the looms I am bouncing around?  Too many projects to think about and I am making myself a little scatter-brained.  I'm not even counting the non-weaving projects.

I want my camera...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Ups and Downs of September

This month has been a roller coaster ride.  I finished my classes for a couple of weeks and had some time to enjoy family during the first of the month.  My sister's son got married and I had fun with her grand-kids and seeing family.
Sweet little kids

Beautiful little kids all dressed up
As I do not have grand-kids, I love to see my siblings grand-kids!

A couple of days after the wedding, our family got to fly out to Southern California for a few days of fun and more family.  I do not get to see my Cummings cousins in Southern California very often, so it was a treat to have dinner with them and visit for an evening.  Before we went to the restaurant, Dustin found a great picture opportunity and I took some pictures of the Point Vincente Lighthouse.
One of the pictures I took
I can't wait to see what my son is able to do with his pictures, but I got some pretty good memories on mine.

We got to go to the Getty Malibu and I really enjoyed walking around and looking at the old Roman and Etruscan items.  It reminded me of the museums and places that we visited in Southern France last year.  Do you think I can use this design and make a color and weave pattern?
Interesting mosaic pattern
We also did the usual tourist things, we went to Disneyland...after the day we were exhausted and decided that we do not need to do that again soon.
He said it was a requirement...everyone has to ride on "It's a Small World"!
We also did Hollywood and Vine, the wax museum, Ripley's, and Medieval times.
Medieval times is a dinner (without eating utensils, and when we were served he said dinner tonight was "baby dragon, but it tastes just like chicken") and a show with jousting, beautifully trained horses, sword fights and a falcon demonstration.
Here you can see "our" red knight...we were sitting in the red section.
I had a lot more fun at the wax museum than I thought I would...we hammed it up with several of the displays.
Here I am with Moses
I got to pose with Moses, and look at the piece I based the weaving on for the film company.
Here you can see my version of the Moses blanket.  

DS trying to get the gun.

My DD even got into the act.
It really was enjoyable to spend the time with my family and do some crazy things.  Being a tourist is a good thing some times.

The weekend after we got back, my beginning weaving class started and I found out that we may not be able to continue teaching at the site.  The Pioneer Craft House (which consists of pottery, jewelry, woodworking and other crafts) that I teach through has been in existence for almost seventy years and for over fifty years we have been on the same site that was purchased for us to use.  Times change and now we may have to move.  I don't know where we would go and if the classes will continue.  My hope is that we can work out a plan with the city, but it has caused some sleepless nights and is really and downer for the end of this month.  

I have been weaving some more pinwheel scarves and that always helps my attitude. 

I found some wool/alpaca yarn in the stash and since the dummy warp was still on the loom I figured I would just use it and tie on.  Of course, it was not as simple as that.  This yarn was more yards per pound and needed to be sett closer so I needed to do more work, but the warp is now on.  I decided to put on as long of a warp as I could with the three colors and just weave until the yarn is all gone.
The first scarf just used the gray and white.

Here is a close up on the loom.
I also got a new rigid heddle loom...I know overkill.  I wanted to try some double weave on a rigid heddle and mine has some limits using two heddles, so I bought a Schacht Flip.  I signed up to do a WAL that is a double weave blanket in cotton and got the kit for the yarn.  With our vacation and my disappointment with the Pioneer Craft House, I have not kept up with the group, but last night got it threaded through the second heddle and ready to try weaving double width.  
It was quite easy threading the second heddle and putting in the pick-up sticks, so I am afraid that I did something wrong.  This evening I will try weaving and see what happens.  With luck, I will be ok and able to get two layers, if not...then I try threading again.  I know several of the participants had to do that!  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Autumn is Coming

It has been one of those months, I can't get myself to get to anything.  We had our family camp-out for four days at the first of the month.  I did not even take any pictures.  I did enjoy the quiet and just sat and stared a lot.  I also took a couple of books to read.  I think we were all a little more subdued this year after the emotional fireworks last year.  (I thought my siblings had out grown that type of thing.)  I think this year we felt we were all walking on egg shells and afraid to cause more stress and tears.  But, I think last year's problems are weighing heavy on some of us and that is part of my "down" days.

I did re-sley the warp to get it back to the wide scarf size and I will put on another scarf series.
re-sley the dummy warp
These scarves will be for winter sales.  I got a notice about another Christmas Sale in the area, this is one that I used to get in all the time.  So I think I will apply this year.  That means that I will need to have product for both shows and I need to get weaving.

Pinwheel from alpaca scarves
I want to do the pinwheel that I did on the previous series of scarves.  These will be the wider and shorter version of scarves that I do.  I think I can get about seven out of the yarn I found in my stash.  This yarn is a wool and alpaca blend with some nylon and it feels so soft around the neck.
Yarn that I found
I am putting the white and gray as the warp, then I will have a couple pinwheels with white and gray and a couple with fawn and white...then whatever is left for the rest of the scarves.

I still haven't taken pictures of the commission, I need to get that done as they will be going out in the mail the first of next week.  We leave for Southern California next week and I have to ship these out before I leave.  

My classes have finished, and will not start again until after the trip.  I need to use this time to get my act together in the house.  I wake up with a list of 3 or 4 things to get done that day and end up at night with one or two done...not a good return.  

I know I should not be hard on myself, but I am experiencing a "down" time.  I'm close to tears a lot, and I don't know why.  I need to just sit and write feelings for a while and see what comes out on the page.  (That is sometimes helpful to me when I experience these days.)   I still have the good thoughts, smile when I see flowers, laugh at the funny things in life.  Yeah, I know, I just need to relax and enjoy my life.

I have been working on the rigid heddle scarf.  It is the Mermaid scarf from the cover of Handwoven.  Mine looks nothing like that one and I call mine the Woodland scarf because of the colors.  But it is progressing nicely.  I weave on it when I watch Netflix, I'm watching "West Wing"  and that show gives me a good feeling.

Woodland scarf
I love the colors.  The warp is a rust colored 3/2 pearl cotton with a tabby of 10/2 rust pearl cotton.  The pattern yarn is a slow color change yarn called "Poems".  The color right now is brown changing to dark brown.  I got tired of the browns, so I pulled out several yards of each color, so it would change faster.  Hopefully I will see some green showing up soon.

When I first started doing this scarf, I wanted to do some leaves in the pattern, but decided against it.  Now I may add some leaves to the scarf.  
Close-up of the pattern.
The picked up pattern is a free-form overshot like pattern.  I need to pick up warp threads to tie down the front face and the back face of the fabric.  In this picture, you can see the color change about in the middle of the picture...going from the lighter brown to the darker brown.  
I loved the scarf on the cover, it had a very water like shimmer to the pick up, but with my colors being so different I didn't do the wave look and instead have picked up the background in a very random way.  I don't know if that is better or if I like her method better.

We have a family wedding coming up next week and there is lots of things going on about that.  I need to get my Mom down here to the ceremony and have arranged for a different sister to drive her home that night.  I will also have her come over to my house between events so that she can rest some.  This is my younger sister's last child and so she is very involved in the planning and such.

I hope that I can get more done in my house, get ready for the trip, wind a warp and take pictures of the finished items that I just made...Is that too much to ask?