Flax field

Flax field

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

So I started a new Challenge

I joined a new challenge...blog every day in December.  This will be hard to blog 31 times, I don't think I've done that many in a year.

I finished the bobbin lace I have had on my travel pillow.  I hardly remember what I started it for, I think for a period demonstration outfit.  I know I did a frill for around my neck (Elizabethan style) and this yardage lace was designed to go with it.  I also wanted a narrow matching lace.  I don't know if this is what will happen to this lace, but I designed a matching narrow lace yesterday and made a copy of it.  I need to find the contact paper so that I can prick the lace pattern and start working.  I will be using the same linen thread, because I have so many bobbins with that thread on them.
I ended up with just over three yards of lace.
It is fun to see a big length of lace.  If you look close there are lots of strings hanging on to it.  I broke threads several times, and when a bobbin ran out of thread I worked in another.  I
need to get out the high power magnifiers and repair the lace before I put it away.

I also started a tea towel warp for my class, but I did not get it on the loom in time.  I need to thread the heddles and sley the reed.  So that the class members can come in and weave some, I want them to experience an end feed shuttle.  
I decided to use the pattern for the towels on the cover of the recent Handwoven magazine.  I love the name of the threading, "Bumberet".  I have woven a sample of it before in a workshop and looked up the pattern in the old weaver's book from the 1700's. 
I picked out a big cone of 8/2 cotton yarn I want to get rid of and added odds and ends to give a very warm (hot) color scheme.  

I did add some beige to the collection, but you can see the big pink dusty rose that is the main color.  I like all the rust tones that I have.  I hope I can empty some of the little bits so there is less to put away after the towels are done.


  1. "I joined a new challenge...blog every day in December. This will be hard to blog 31 times, I don't think I've done that many in a year." Very interesting challenge that I look forward to your posts! Weaver Finnish Lapland.

  2. Your lace is really pretty! Would like to see how you did that. :O)