Flax field

Flax field

Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's a Cold

I spent most of yesterday in bed.  I'm coming down with the cold my DH has been fighting.  I felt better today, but I think I over did it.  I should have napped more today.

Yesterday's quiet time was not all sleeping.  I managed to work on the narrow bobbin lace piece, I think it is close to one yard long.

I also spent some time sitting and doing a maori edge on the boundweave piece that I did after the Joanne Hall workshop.  We had a loom warped that students could come into the PCH studio and weave on.  When they quit coming,  I re-threaded it to 3 shaft rosepath  (also from the 2/13 VAV magazine) and I finished the warp.  I did not get a piece as long as I had hoped for.  I wanted a runner and got a long mat!
Here is the back with the warp finished
Sorry none of the pictures of the front were in focus.  I may need to start using the tripod to get better pictures.  

Here is the Maori edge
I really like the look of the Maori edge.  It looks like a plyed edge.  The best instructions I have found for this edge are in Peter Collingwood's big rug book.

Since I emptied the Woolhouse loom, I have moved back to the Dorothy to get the Hall workshop piece done.  I have finished 2 pieces that I want to put on sofa pillows.  I know I can get one more off (I'm half way thorough it), but I don't think I can get a fourth.
This is the third piece from under the loom.
Because you weave these Swedish designs upside down, I put the camera on the table under the loom to get this shot.  I like the way the designs are working.  This piece is better than the last one.
Second piece off the loom
I tried a couple of things on this one that did not work so well.  The Dukagang looks squished...I should have done more repeats to square the design better.  And the tapestry is wrong, I have not been able to find any examples of this style of tapestry with diagional lines.  Putting that aside, I think I will like the pillows when they are done.
First piece off the loom
The first piece was about half done in the three day class.  I finished the dukagang and the monk's belt (the two larger designs on the bottom) when I got home.

The new levers on the Dorothy make it a pleasure to work.
I upgraded the Dorothy (all three shaft sections) before the workshop and it is now a pleasure to weave on.  There is much less clanging when changing shafts and no sore fingers from pushing down the old levers.  The upgrade was well work the time and money.

I also started a new pair of socks.  I have not had a pair on the needles for about a month.  This is my first sock using the the yarn I bought in France last May.  I like the shades of blue.  These will be a good color that matches what I wear.  

I need to bind off the other knitting piece, L'enveloppe by Sally Melville.  With the cold weather, it would be a useful piece to be wearing.

Did I mention that at my last Dr's visit the numbers have gone down and I am again pre-diabetic instead of diabetic.  I managed to lower my numbers and loose about ten pounds.  I also managed to fit into a size smaller pants.  I need to continue the change in diet and the exercise, however, because I am not "out of the woods" yet.


  1. Wonderful! in all ways! Congrats on your improved health! It's quite an accomplishment!
    And the weaving is fascinating! The colors catch my eye. The patterns keep me looking. So Pretty!

  2. Yes, I second that. The health improvements you've made are major, good for you. Love the colors on the art weave. I also rethreaded for a rosepath and prefer it over the art weave. I have a small hanging in my studio. Your pillows will be beautiful. I'm just getting over the big cold myself, third person in the office to have it. Maureen

  3. I am again really intrigued by the Swedish boundweave. I love ed the pieces you brought to my house and the new ones are great too.
    My father and grandma have managed through the temporary use of med to improve from prediabetics to prevent nothing. They are also careful with food but I still would like to know what they took. After our conversation about my weight gain I bought a tiny fitbit. MAN is it making a difference! And keeping me accountable for getting of the bed/sofa/bench! Can't wait to see you at PCH