Flax field

Flax field

Friday, December 4, 2015

Watching Christmas Shoppers

I had errands to run and spent some time in shops and stores today.  I did buy some things, but I didn't have the heart for the shopping.  I enjoyed watching others, mostly they seemed happy and enjoying the excursion.  It is usually a fun time of year to watch shoppers. 

A week ago today, I attended a funeral for the baby grandson of my sister.  Thinking about that, I am less inclined to buy things and more wanting to spend time with my family, both my immediate family and my extended family.  That experience makes the rush for presents seem shallow.  I know many are looking forward to the presents and enjoying shopping for them, I don't want to put them down, but I don't seem to have the heart for it.  I am still seeing life as fleeting, and you don't know when it will be taken away.

On the weaving front, I got half way through the first scarf on the second warp.  

Weaving along...
The washed scarves from the first warp did not "bloom" as much as I though they should.  Maybe it is the alpaca yarn.  I may try fulling them more tomorrow.  But I think I will put the third warp on at 10 epi instead of the 8 epi these two warps are woven on.  

Other than that, the weaving is going well.  But I will not be able to finish it tonight.  We have tickets to the symphony.  There is a newly written piece and Beethoven's 9th.  Should be a great time.

Oh, and the bobbin lace is improving.  Like I said the graph was too open for the yarn, so I went to the copy shop and reduced it.

It's hard to see, but the center is the 2" wide pattern for the 3 yard piece I finished.  On the right is the pattern that I started and on the left is the new pattern.  (Yeah, I should have done it in pen instead of pencil, it's a little light.)  But you can see how the grid is too big on the one on the right and much closer to the correct grid on the left.  (Try looking just at the ground pattern - the dotted area.)

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