Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What have I been doing?

I feel like I have been stuck in glue.  I know that I have been doing something, but I don't see any progress anywhere.  I thought I was going to get the stairs and hallway painted, but I only got them primed.  The same with the bathroom walls, but only one wall is primed and the others still need to have the sanding done where we filled the holes.  (The holes were caused where I scraped the old wallpaper off.)  There were a lot a bad words said when I was taking off that wallpaper.

I know that I have been weaving.  I got the December towels done, as you can see on the mast head, and I finished two orders of rugs.  (One warp 17 yards long and the other 6 yards long.)

Three 3'x5' rugs and 4 2'x3' rugs
This group had some dyed yarns and I had lots of fun seeing the colors coming up.  The last two rugs on the right are my Katniss pair.  (Coal Dust and Coal Dust Burning-I was listening to the Hunger Games as I was weaving.  Not sure if I liked the books or not.)

Coal Dust Burning

Coal Dust
These two make a good set.

The second commission was all natural colored yarns and also made a great grouping.
Three 3' x 5', one 2'x3', one 2' x 4'
The white rug is a little longer and I would love to have it next to my bed.  Stepping out of bed onto that soft rug would feel like stepping on a cloud, and in this case it looks like a cloud.

I also took a weekend trip with my family into the desert.  My DD wanted to go to slot canyons, and back to Lower Calf Creek Falls.  We had not been into that area for a long time and we got to visit some places that we had not been before.
My DD in front of the falls
Lower Calf Creek falls is about a three mile hike, mostly level so we enjoyed the walk.  Along the way we saw petroglyphs, ancient food storage areas high up in the cliffs and this bit of humor that someone had added.

I think the cut-off tree had grown there and been trimmed to open the trail, but the "teeth" really added to the look of it.

We also hiked up slot canyons in the Escalante/Staircase National Monument and those were new to us.  We all want to go back and visit other places in that area.  
My DS going up the slot canyon.
Coming out of the slot canyon

As usual I took lots of pictures of flowers and in the spring there is a lot to see.
Cactus in bloom
Globe Mallow just like we planted in the xeriscape 
Beautiful purple flowers I haven't identified

I guess I have been busy, it is good to just look at what I have done instead of looking at what did not get done.  I just need to continue to progress and work on that "to do" list.