Flax field

Flax field

Monday, January 11, 2010

Still home from work and knitting

I am feeling better, very little wheezing,. but I still have that cough and am afraid I will get worse if I have to talk for 9 hours at work, so I'm home.

I have been re-knitting the scarf that I pulled apart a couple of weeks ago.  The yarn color was just repeating instead of moving like it did not the example at my LYS.   (I had walked into the store and right there in front of me a beautiful scarf, I asked what is the pattern and was told you get it free when you buy the yarn...so I spent some time picking out the best colors for me....you know the story.) You can see the strip effect and the repeats marked with the yellow pins.  I went into the LYS and my knitting mentor suggested that I change to a smaller needle, I was knitting looser than the example.

I went home and tried 2 sizes smaller....then 1 size smaller and was finally satisfied with the color movement.  The pattern has so much going on, that it is amazing that what attracted me was the color movement.

As you can see from the additional pictures, the purple now crosses like I want it to.  The string on the first picture shows the movement and on the second picture you can see the scarf.   It does have a lot going on, beads on the yarn overs and the leaf pattern of the stitches, but it was the color movement that attracted me and I will continue to see that first.

It's a nice color, isn't it.  I think that I need a new purple dress...

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