Flax field

Flax field

Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Better and Have a New Warp On

The past few days, I realize that I feel almost good.  That means I must be getting better.  I was into the nurse last week and she could only hear crackling in the lower left lob of my lungs..considerably better than all over my lungs like two weeks ago.  If the cough would only stop.  It seems to really be hanging on...I filled the candy jar at work with cough drops to keep me going.  I feel like my primary source of calories is from cough drops!!

I managed to get my birthday towels on the loom.  I'm afraid that the warp will not be done by my Birthday, but I feel good I finally got it on the loom.  I decided to use a linen that I have been hoarding.  It is from another weaver's stash that I bought, an old beautiful, smooth 20/2 linen "Square-Sale" from Frederick J. Fawcett .   It is hard to find linen that smoothly spun now.  I will include some pictures when I get them on the computer.  (Due to a hijacking of the computer, we had to wipe the C: drive and redo everything.  I am still not used to the new programing and getting everything to work.)

I am weaving the towels in an Atwater-Bronson lace on eight shafts, and tonight when I started weaving the pattern, I had trouble with shaft one rising and the pedals sinking.  If you have woven bronson lace on a baby wolf, you know the problem.  I had to go to the office supply store to get some rubber bands to attach to the treadles to keep them from lifing the shaft when I want it to stay down.  I hope to get the system on the loom tomorrow and I will take a picture of it.

I am measuring another warp to do a length of scarves in the Cummings tartan.  I promised Dustin that I would make him one to go on the new coat that he bought and I need to get it done before the weather warms up.

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