Flax field

Flax field

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Change of Plans

We were supposed to spend the weekend in Bryce National Park.
Bryce in the Winter
This is the first year Bryce has opened it's lodge for winter visiting.  My son saw the advertisement and got us reservations.  This was our Christmas gift this year.  

Instead, I spent a lot of time at the hospital.  My husband is on the ninth floor of the tower.  
It was a different weekend than planned.  My children did head down to Bryce and had a good time, but I stayed here to check up on his progress.  

It took a few days to get him stabilized, we did not realize that he was in such problems.  We knew about the liver problems, but he had developed kidney problems also.  I spent most of my time feeling guilty for not seeing what was happening to him.  

I did see it, but did not know what to do.  Health is such a delicate thing, you feel like you are doing well and all of a sudden, it is gone.  He is doing much better, I hope I can feel better too.  

Life is always surprising you.  You think you have it all figured out and then "BAM" it hits you with something new.  


  1. Deanna, I am sorry hear that your husband is not feeling well. Hope that his recovery is quick and he is on the mend. Best wishes

  2. You did see my friend, don't feel bad. I know you care for him greatly and that will make a huge difference in the recovery. We have a good healthcare system here, I am hopeful they will find a solution soon.