Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finished The Bobbins

I finished my painted and decal bobbins.  Now I can empty the box that had been holding bobbins, paint, decals, brushes, and beads.  This had been an ongoing project for several years and I am glad that I put the time into it to get it finished.  I didn't like the look of plain wood bobbins, so I needed to do something to them.  Now I have a set of 24 pairs of flowered bobbins that I can dedicate for making bookmarks.  I know silly, but I like to have them look alike on the pillow.
Here's some views of the flowered bobbins.
A color wheel of flowered bobbins.

Here they are in action on a new bookmark.
Another view of the bobbins at work.  

I also finished the Snowflake set and a set titled Beehive Lacer's after the guild I attend.

On the tartan weaving I have finished number 3 and am most of the way through number 4, my siblings have put in orders for the length that they want.  Because this is the family tartan, I am mostly weaving it to give away to my family members.
Number four coming to the end (72")
Today my big plan is to get the warp wound for the second half of the guild exchange napkins.  I have finished the ones that I needed to give away, but I have enough yarn and I want to have additional napkins for me.  So I plan to put on a twill warp to weave about 6 more napkins. 

I rolled all the finished ones up and set them in a wire holder so that they are available for us to use them each day.

We had a great family reunion over the weekend of July 24th.  Spending a few days with my family is a great treat.  We ate great food, enjoyed the family able to get there, regretted not being able to see the family that were not able to make it there this year, played with T-shirt discharge and just enjoyed sitting around in the sand and water.
Around the campfire with the mountain on fire behind us.
Empty chairs around the fire pit early the next morning.

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