Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taking Pictures

Today was my day off and I have not got the studio cleaned, nor is all the laundry done.  I have been taking pictures.  I took everything out of my drawer of scarves, shawls, etc.  I spend the morning taking pictures of them.  I will be putting them on from time to time.
This is a scarf from several years ago.  My hand painted "Evening Sunset" scarf.  I enjoyed weaving it and wearing it.  The original design is a framed piece with the painted weaving coming out of a solid colored weaving.  This scarf was made from the "left over" of the warp.

 This is a shawl I wove with cotton chenille.  I thought it was rayon when I bought it...how could I not know the difference?  The shawl is heavier than I wanted (cotton!), but I may wear it some time.

Even though I have not been weaving, I have finished a couple of knitting projects.  These got their pictures taken today also.  
It took me a while to finish  my "Work Socks".  This is the Jaywalker pattern that is found on Ravelry.  I call them work socks not because I wear them to work (although I often do), but because I knit them at work.  So instead of taking me a few days or a week, these take me months.  These have taken me even longer, because we are busy at work and I don't have as much time between calls.  I guess I will hit the stash and find another pair to start at work.  Maybe the phones will slow down and I will get them done soon.

I have been working on the Gaia Shawl by Anne Carroll.  I used about one and a half skeins, because I wanted to make it a little bit bigger.  I also needed to "move" some colors in the skein to make the final stripes wider.  But in the end, I like the way the colors look and I think I will like wearing the shawl.  It is light weight (I made it with sock yarn), so it is all season.  There are several things I wish I had done differently.  As I told my son when it was pinned out on the floor, I usually make a project then I know how I want to do it.

Well, there is a little time left in the day.  I'd better put away the photography shop and all the projects I pulled out and maybe I can get the warp for the tartan scarves off the warping board,

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