Flax field

Flax field

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mylar Balloon

I think I may have found the perfect use for the mylar balloon that I got for my birthday.  It may turn out to be the most useful gift I got.

It seems that the cat is very wary around a mylar balloon.   I had left the balloon bouquet on the kitchen table, when I got home from work on Tuesday, the balloons were in my bedroom.  It seems that the cat was so afraid of the balloon that she had not been upstairs to eat for 2 days.  It still took a couple to days and us taking her in the kitchen to show her the "monster" was gone.  I figured that keeping her out of my bedroom was fine, I don't like her sleeping on my bed when I am trying to.  (She usually only does this when Dustin is not home, as his bed is her first choice, but only when he is in it.)

Dustin reminded me of how much I wanted to "train" the  cat to stay out of my studio room and a great idea was born.  The balloon now will live in my studio to the end of it's days.  My space is now free from her chewing, clawing, investigating my yarns, fibers and all that stuff.  It is a great solution to the balloon bouquet and I can enjoy it in my room.  The regular balloons have started to droop a bit, but the mylar is fathfully continuing it's job of guarding my space!

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