Saturday, December 23, 2017


Christmas, end of the year, winter solstice...It's that time of year.  I find myself so emotional about everything; teary at commercials, sad (or happy) stories.  I wonder what makes me feel this way.

I feel that I have not got as much done as I should, my "work ethic" is not up to par, I just want to curl up in bed with the heater on.  I should be happier.

The lights are up, 

The advent days are counting by,

We even have some snow,

but it is such an emotional time.

I feel like I need a new start, a new direction, a new year.

I guess I do have one of those starting up...let's see if I can do something with it.


  1. Merry Christmas Deanna, hope the new year brings you joy and happiness.

    1. And the same back to you. I so enjoy following your work on your blog. Weave and be happy!