Flax field

Flax field

Sunday, March 22, 2015

May in March

I know that it is spring, but I remember my flowering pear tree looking like this in May.

All the spring flowers are out and looking wonderful.  I do love the look of this time of year.
Flowering Pear Tree



Peach Tree

I am worried that the peach tree will not have fruit it when it is blooming so early, but the tree is young (this is only the second year of fruit) so I don't mind if it is just a few.  It looks so beautiful.

I have been getting some weaving done also, but not so many pictures of that.  The second pillow top from the Swedish art weaving is off and the third is started.  I am starting with rolakan on the third and I think I have unwoven as much as I have woven.  But I want to get comfortable with this structure, it makes great vertical lines.  On the second piece, I used this technique and did diagonal lines...not such a good thing.  The lines can be just as good with a simpler technique.

I have also been cleaning out the studio.  Several layers of "I'll just put it here for now" have been put away and some of the class materials have been put away instead of just leaving them stacked up on the floor.  I am pleased to see some floor space!

And I have been filing projects away.  When I finish a project I file the project sheets and samples...or at least I used to.  Now too often, I have a sack of samples and notes.  Last night I got several typed up and filed.  I will not be doing this for every project, but the ones I might repeat or that I will use in a class need to have their information in a good place.  

I have also finished some UFO's and one I just "frogged".  If I am not enjoying it, why do it?  My husband was talking about our lives and said "I maybe have 20 years, I want to enjoy them and have fun."  I agree with him.  I am not at the spring of my life, and I need to enjoy my time, love my self and have fun.  My weaving is fun...and writing up and looking at what I have finished is fun. 

At the PCH studio, I decided to weave the towel warp that I put on.  Six towels in 10/2 pearl cotton in BRIGHT colors.  I bought a kit, and am running out of one color of yarn.  Yes, I should have followed the plan instead of making up my own design!!  The light was bad in the studio, but here is towel #3 on the cloth beam.

Colors are red and blue/green in the warp and yellow/orange and purple in the weft.  I don't know if I want these colors in my kitchen...but I'm sure I can find someone who will want them.

I got together with my sisters and we are finding ways to use up materials that we have around the house.  One of my contributions are the empty cones from weaving yarns.  We covered them for Christmas...mine were pretty simple.

But I really liked the ones we did for Easter.  I did one with eggs.

My sculptor sister made the little bird that is on the top of the tree, and I did buy the eggs for the tree, but we are buying too much new stuff!

And one with paper roses.

I was pleased with them and want to keep them up for a while, even if not everyone in the house liked them.


  1. Hey, this is "the towel warp" looks really interesting. I would like to try this. Is it possible to get help? Regards Tarja Marjeta / Kankuritar from Finland

    1. I wish I could claim some credit for these towels, but they were designed by Alice Schlein and were featured in "Handwoven" March/April 2001. I'm sure a digital copy of this magazine is available on the Interweavepress website.