Flax field

Flax field

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Last year I bought two lilacs for my yard.  I love lilacs, as a young girl I made up a picture and embroidered lilacs on a towel.  I have never had them in my yard, except when I lived at home...Mom has one.

I wanted a light one and a dark one.  When we got to the garden shop to pick out a couple,  I thought (from the pictures) these would look good together, but all winter in my mind I had a purple lilac and a white lilac.  Finally this spring I was pleasantly surprised to see two beautiful plants, not what I expected, but wonderful to look at and to smell. 

This is what the xeriscape looked like last year, will it look as good this year?  We have been dividing the plants and moving them to new areas along the front of the property.

Bruce planted pansy plants and primrose in the planters by the front door, they look so pretty and greet me every time I leave the house.

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