Flax field

Flax field

Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Order Done

I am not very good at getting things done.  I seem to do it in my own time instead of in the time it should be done.  Anyway, I finally have the first shipment done.  
Box of nine pieces
I really enjoyed weaving these fabrics.  I liked the alpaca yarn, and I got to make some clothing pieces that I had not done before.  It took me a while to figure the "shrug."

I ended up with nine pieces; three shawls in Bronson lace, three ruanas in twill and three shrugs in point twill.  The shrug is an interesting piece, a cross between a jacket and a shawl.  It stays on your shoulders, but doesn't button up.
The shoulders are a little extreme on this manikin 
I like the way the piece fits and it seems to look good on a lot of body shapes.  My sisters seem to like it, so maybe I need to weave up some for me to give as gifts.  (I know I will hear from my sisters with that statement.)  The three fabrics were slightly different with the different wefts.
I really like the gray and beige on the right.
The shawls in Bronson lace are very light and airy.  Light enough to where in the summer and in cold air conditioned buildings.  I think I would like to try weaving some in Huck lace also.
I had several colors of natural alpaca to use on the pieces
Two of the shawls ended up white on white and one is tan on white.  Maybe I should have done a gray on white also.

The ruana took a lot of weaving.  I like my pieces with a lot of coverage.  I will have to make some short versions on the next batch.  
These are long enough and light weight enough to belt up.
I like the look of them belted up.  They have a seam down the center back, so it is not the pointed shawl back like on some versions.  

And they cover enough to be warm over a dress or jacket, but lightweight enough to wear on a summer's evening.

All three fabrics came out great.  
I like the shoulder stripe on the ruana, it brings you eye up to the face of the wearer.  

Anyway, these were a great series to.  I am now working on the second series using dyed yarns.  All of the yarns have been spun by a local mill...Spinderella.  They have a high quality yarn and I have enjoyed weaving it.

I have also got some things done for me...unfortunately not anything on my house.  But a shawl that I spun is finally photographed.

This started out as two hand dyed bumps from my LYS, before she closed and moved to fresh opportunities.  The yarn spun up easily and the color change is wonderful.  I call the piece "Rose Red."
I have knitted a version of this diagonal lace before and liked it.  With the color change here, the diagonal is really emphasized.  

I signed up to do a SAL/KAL on Ravelry using Greenwood rovings, and found a couple of them in my stash.  I have not been able to get started on them, due to my commitments, but at least I finally got a picture of the fiber to post.  After my second series of alpaca is done, I can get started on it.
Two rovings and pattern
The shawl pattern starts in the center back, I am trying to decide how to split the roving so that I will not have a pool of color at the start.  I want short sections of color at the first with the short rows and long sections of color at the last where the rows are long.  I should be able to figure something out...I think.

Finally, here I am at the castle in Napa Valley.  We had a great time on vacation last August; drinking wine, visiting San Francisco and seeing big trees...


  1. Oh, how beautiful shalws. Gray and beige colors together are beautiful and harmonious. Thank you for your pictures. I should also like a lot of alpaca yarn.

  2. You've created some really neat garments! I love your hand spun shawl that you created, so colorful and it looks like it would be wonderful to wear.
    Merry Christmas,