Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I got the Third Cotton Warp on

I found my painted warp!  I had wound a third cotton/rayon warp, and I painted it.  This is the blue one.  But somehow, with vacation and all, I misplaced it.  In doing some cleaning up in the studio and dye area, I found it all tidy in a bag ready for warping.  I wove the pillows off the Baby Wolf, and wound the warp on.
Warp going on with the added threads.

As usual when I start and work on something in a hurry, I miss something.  On this piece I had wound six bouts of warp to dye in a staggered pattern.  I wound the amount for the ends per inch, but didn't think through that the threading repeat would give me a different number.  (I warped 15 epi, so I made the bouts 30 ends.  I am threading a turned twill so I needed 32 ends to make the threading work best...so I just added two threads between each bout.)  This changed the design look slightly, but I like the threading pattern better.  I know I could have done a 3 shaft twill, but I hate treadling an uneven number...with 3 shaft twill, I have 3 treadles in the rotation, with 4 shaft, I can treadle 4 treadles and that is an easier dance for me.

The warp is a denim blue and I used the leftover paints from my class.  I used the same dyes as on Scarf Warp Two a couple of blogs ago.  So I painted yellow, fuchsia, green, purple and indigo on blue, of course, the colors look different than on the yellow warp...It was a surprise to see how they looked after I rinsed and dried the warp.

Just like on the other painted warp, I decided to dye the weft for the scarves.  The run of scarves is in twill, so I wanted a weft to show the blocks.  But I think there was a little too much fuchsia dye left, because the weft color is a little intense.
Pink is not really my color, but we will see how it weaves.
I actually dyed the two blues with different dye, again leftovers, but they look a lot alike!  I will weave the fourth scarf with the same color of weft.  

The first scarf on the warp is painted with purples and blues, so it is the most subtle of the lot.  I am using the blue weft, it is darker than the warp and makes a good pattern.
The yellow-orange at the bottom is the front beam showing through.
When the fabric is washed, I think the texture of the yarn and the colors will make a nice gentle color way.  I am randomly changing block size, repeating the unit 2 times, or 4 times or 8 times as I feel.  I am making the colors advance and recede with the warp and weft faced blocks.  

Well, lets see if we can finish weaving this one and get to the second scarf tonight.

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