Flax field

Flax field

Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally Pictures of the Scarves

I finally got some pictures of the scarves I wove from the warp painting demo warp.  Last month you saw pictures of the painted warp, dyed wefts and dye color samples on the pale yellow warp.  The scarves turned out great, the weft colors give each a little variation.
This shows the weft colors, first on the left the same as the pale yellow warp, then the pale mustard yellow I dyed, then the pale apricot, and finally the pale pink.  The weft is real subtle, but I like the slight change in each scarf. 

The pink scarf has more pink in the painting.
Finished Pale Pink Scarf
It has a slight pink tone to the solid areas and it picks up the pink in the painted stripes better.

I think the pale yellow weft is my favorite.  The color of the weft is such a pale yellow that you hardly have a color more that warm off-white, but I like it.

The pale yellow scarf has all four of the colors I painted in the warp; fuchsia  mustard yellow, apricot and avocado green.    All of the colors are washed out slightly by the weft, but I like the effect.

The mustard yellow weft gave the scarf a very warm glow.  This picture, unfortunately, makes it look even more orange.

The best thing about the scarves is the light feel and the light hand.  I wanted to make a summer scarf that would not be uncomfortable to wear.  These are just what I was aiming for, I really like the slub in the cotton/rayon yarn.  But now I want to try that yarn in a different sett, could it be a dense towel fabric?

One last look at the group of four scarves.


  1. Deanna, these are just lovely! Nicely done!

  2. these are gorgeous
    (I am a new follower-and getting back into weaving after many many years)

  3. kathy, so glad you are getting back to it. A little weaving every day makes me a happier person.
    Margery, thanks for the complement.

  4. Hello Deanna,
    These scarves are quite lovely! I was just watching a movie where the main character was wearing soft lightweight scarves each day and I thought I need to weave something like that. Did you mention in a previous post about what sett you chose and also what yarn you used? Also, if you don't mind me asking, how wide and long did you make them?
    Sorry for all of the questions....

  5. These we woven with a cotton/rayon slub yarn that was a mill end. I tested the yarn at a very loose sett (15 epi) and washed it. Because of the slub, it held up and felt wonderful. The yarn is about the weight of an 8/2 or 10/2 yarn. I think the slubs hold the sett together. It is just a matter of trying a yarn to see if you can sett it loose enough for the soft scarf. I have seen some great scarves with cotton and linen yarns in a mixed warp, also.

  6. Hi, Deanna. I was a member of the Mary M. Atwater Weavers Guild years and years ago when we lived in SLC. We are downsizing and I'm hoping to find buyers for my two 4-harness looms, two spinning wheels (one Ashford) and other weaving tools and yarn. If you know of anyone who might be interested, I'm at kohler435@msn.com or 435-654-0729. Thanks, Joyce

    P.S. So nice to see your beautiful weaving.

  7. Wow, those scarves are really nice! I've always thought I hated pastels, but I lust after each and every one of the four. I'm going to have to try warp painting, although I don't think I have the great color sense you do.

    1. If you are not sure of your color sense, look at a great picture and use those colors or look at flowers in your yard. So often I can tell the time of the year I did the work...Oh yes, that was the crocus, or yes, the colors of the oregon grape ripening...Yes, that is the sunset over the lake... I have always been afraid of my color choices until I realized that I just copy what is around me most of the time.