Flax field

Flax field

Friday, March 29, 2013

End of the Month Already

I look at the stuff I wanted to do and I feel like I have not got anything done.  Do you ever feel like that?  We need to step back and look at what did get done.

I have been working on the Rug Weaving class.  I had several requests for this class, so I scheduled it for spring.  When I pulled out the information...I had not taught the full class for a very long time and all the notes, handouts and examples needed to be refurbished and updated.  I based the class on the old "Rug Weaver's Sourcebook."  This book has six different types of rugs, with the chapters written by six different weavers.  I loved this book and this class is an overview of rug weaving.
Six little rug samples
In this class we weave six different structures, use 5 different rug warps, 4 different rug wefts, and finish the samples with six different rug finishes.  It really is a nice overview of rug types and materials.   Like I tell the class, any one  of these techniques could be explored for a very long time and not repeat yourself.

This class is, of course, a "musical looms" class.  (You weave on six different looms so need to work with others to have everyone finish the six samples.)   I am teaching this at Pioneer Craft House on the floor looms in the weaving studio.  So I had to repair brakes, wash down and oil, and replace broken parts on six looms.  This was the main reason it took so many months to get ready for this class.  I've talked to some great people at several loom companies to get parts and help on my loom problems.  I am so happy that seven out of our eight floor looms are working and looking good. 
There had not been much work or TLC done on them for a number of years (maybe forty years on some) so the wood was dry, the heddles were out of order (a pet peeve of mine) and I have used a full bottle of Howard's Wax and Feed and half a can of Johnson's floor wax.  The wood is still dry and needs to have another layer of wax and oil before the summer is out...But the looms are working.

Heddles out of order
Heddles in order
The heddles are so much easier to thread when they are in order....

So now my looms at PCH are in pretty good working order, but my looms at home are sadly neglected.  There has not been much weaving going on.  One is empty and waiting for me to wind the warp, and the others sit is various states of partially done projects.  I will try to concentrate on them while I wait for brake parts on the last loom.

I have been having a good time though.  I find I smile more than I did before I stopped working at "X."  The world is a happier and more beautiful place.  I enjoy the blue skies and warm weather that we have been having...my flowers make me smile also.
Don't these golden faces give your heart a lift?
My first daffodil had a setback in the snow but is blooming today
As my son said, the snow is over now, because my daffodils got snowed on.  It seems like for years we have experienced this.  My daffodils come out and then there is a snow storm on them, and then winter is over.  Today the sky is blue the flowers are blooming and I even made it to the gym.

I have been weaving for a friend.  She has been a weaver for years, but with health problems has not been able to treadle a floor loom.  She offered me the job of throwing the shuttle for the projects that she warps.  I have had a great time helping her out and since I no longer have a full time job...this is the best job I can think of.  
She recently had a blanket to be woven.  She plans, warps, sets the beat and winds the bobbins.  I come and throw the shuttle for a few hours.  When I went to weave on the blanket I had slept badly and had a bad night, but sitting at a loom with the sound of the shuttle and beater, after two hours of that I was able to face the world for the rest of the day.
Weaving every inch!
We wanted to weave every inch to get as much length as possible on the blanket.  After taking the tension off the piece and cutting the loops, there was about 6 inches left as loom waste!  That was just enough to twist the fringe.  I can't wait to see the finished blanket...

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