Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's January in a new year. Do you know what your Looms are doing?

I have been weaving a lot on the warps that were put on my loom last month.  And I have been getting started on the painting I wanted to do on my time off. 

The first two months of my severance has been spent enjoying the time and holidays with my family and friends.  But for the last two months, before I really start looking for a job, I will be trying to finish some of the list of projects that I had wanted to do.  

I have been painting the stair risers and side trim.

Refinishing under the bathroom cabinet from the water damage.  We replaced the sink and the faucets.
Just started the primer, you can see the water problems.
Primer coats finished, It looks a lot better.
And I want to paint the wall along the down stairs to put up some pictures.

Fixed the wall damage and primed the spots.

But back to the topic at hand...What are my looms doing?   

I have been getting some weaving done since the job loss, so I am pleased with the work done this past year, but there is still LOOM work to do.

The Big Mac (Macomber) is working well in a semi-tidy studio.  I am proceeding on the long term project of weaving a Tea Towel Calender.  Here we see hand painted, linen blend towels for October.

 The Baby Wolf sits in the corner of my bedroom with the December towels of the above calendar project.  This threading will be tied to a second green warp for the companion towel.

The Baby Mac sits in it's temporary space in the livingroom.  This is the second of the three warps that were wound for the class time.  I already wove off warps one and three.  I don't know where this loom is going to call home...

The Bergman sits un-sanded, un-oiled, and un-warped.  This is the loom that is replacing the Baby Mac in the livingroom...when am I going to get it done?  I have all the equipment to do it, the sand paper and oil are even hiding behind the right panel.

Dorothy is stashed in the storage room.  At least there is a different warp from the last January's picture.  This loom holds a warp until I need to put a new one on. I use it for class examples and to have a loom the students can try a new technique on.

And my poor Rigid Heddle and Inkle looms stashed in the closet with my class notes and examples.  The RH still has the same warp on it from last January (oh dear), but at least I have moved it out of the family space.  I need to get that sample done.

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