Flax field

Flax field

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Weekend in Nevada City Montana

My DD had been wanting to go back to Nevada City/Virginia City for a couple of years.  We had been there on one of the bus trips with the walking tours I used to take with Mom.  Nevada City is a ghost town, it had been gold mining but died out.  It was bought in the early 1950's and the owner started buying up old log buildings and artifacts to make an outdoor museum.  It has since been purchased by the state of Montana and each weekend in the summer, they have demonstrators in the museum with volunteers talking to you in first person - like they were living there in the 1840's.  It is a great place to visit, stay and enjoy.

We got a room in the Nevada City Hotel for a couple of nights.  Here is part of my family relaxing in the back balcony of the hotel.
Relaxing after the Drive

Here is the view from the balcony showing part of the open air museum.

We had a great time wandering around the museum, I took pictures of buildings, architectural details, interesting artifacts and doors.
My DD with the new hairstyle enjoying the museum

Can you believe that waistline?
One building was just old music machines in working order.

While we were listening to one of the music machines another tourist (from Germany) came up and asked if we could identify the music.  He told us it was a medieval mining song and he proceeded to sing it to us.  It was great!

We also spent time walking around Virginia City, about a mile away.  That town is still alive and entertaining.  We ate at a great fine dining restaurant, visited a couple of saloons, checked out the architecture and went on a ghost walk one night.
Checking out the interior while I tried to take a picture of the door
Here is a creepy fortune telling machine
My DS wanted a picture of the sunset so we went to Boot Hill.  

When we were on the ghost walk, the guide was talking about the floating orb pictures that many of the ghost hunters took at many of the buildings that we were visiting.  

Here is the un-retouched pictures I took at Boot Hill.
 The pictures just before and just after (I always take several in hopes that one will look good) did not have the  "orb"...wild huh?  I guess I got my picture of the ghost orbs...

On the last day we checked out the old rusting mining machinery that was collected.  After the miners were gone, they brought in big dredging machines that dug out the rivers to the bedrock and left huge banks of rock and sand all over.  This type of mining continued until just before World War II.  It used all the trees in a 30 mile radius for running these dredges.  Pretty well devastated the area.  I was glad that it has grown back now, because it was a beautiful area for us to visit and have fun.

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