Flax field

Flax field

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What the hell happened?

I was weaving on the tea towels, and every thing was going great. I wove the first section where I was testing the color of the wefts. I confirmed the colors that I thought I would use for the towels that I am giving as gifts, and found a nice neutral for the towel that will be an example in the Beginning Weaving class.

I was about half way through the weaving for the first towel and the tension on about an inch of the warp on the left side gave way. I wound the warp forward until the woven part was at the cloth beam and tightened, but that did not make any difference.

I went looking for weights to hang on that section, so it would be tight enough that I could finish weaving the towel. I knew that I could correct the warp at the cutting line between the first two towels. I found a collection of washers and C-clamps that added up to enough weight to continue weaving.

I finished weaving the first towel and the fine thread for the hem. At this point I removed the weights from the back of the loom and pulled the loose threads forward. I tied a waste thread around them and pined them very tightly to the finished towel so I could even out the tension across the warp. I started weaving again and it is going well, again. I guess I will remove the pin from the warp when it gets to the cloth beam. I hope that the remainder to the warp holds tension.

The towels are a little out of my color comfort zone, but they will please the recipient.

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