summer flowers

summer flowers

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Sky is Falling

 This morning I am so stressed out. I was so happy because the city where my teaching studio is has lowered the lockdown, I notified students and had a weaving and cleaning group arranged for this week.

We had just put in new shelves and cleared out the studio the fall before plague year.  So I was excited to get back to the space and clean a year of dust and cobwebs.  Then it came.  The city issued an eviction notice.  They gave us three days to be out or legal proceedings would start.

Yes for me that's 18 floor and table looms, books, yarn and all the extra equipment needed for weaving; for the jewelry that is a bunch of machines and tools, rocks for the lapidary, kilns for the lost wax, and all the extra they need to keep the machines going; for the pottery that's wheels, shelves, several kilns, and all the extras needed to make pottery.  We all have thousands of dollars of equipment, that take time and trucks to move and need a space to move them to.

Pray for me.