summer flowers

summer flowers

Sunday, September 21, 2014

And Things just keep on keeping on

I have been experiencing mood shifts.  The doctor has been trying to find the right balance to help me feel better.  I don't like taking pills...shouldn't I be ok without needing adjustments??!!!

I do feel more relaxed...less stressed about things, but that lack of stress is also making it so I do not get as much done.  That is the part that is bothering me most.  I know that my problems are small compared to so many other people, so I should adjust and live with it, but change is hard and growing old is definitely "not for sissy's".

On the bright side, last May, my son got reservations to stay at the campground in the park at Arches National Park.  I had not stayed there for about 20 years.  I was so excited and finally the time came.  We were at the part the first week of September.  (The bad part about needing to do the reservations so early is the family event I ended up missing.)  

Staying in the park is beautiful.  Here is our camp site.

The red rock country is the color if my soul and staying there really helped renew my spirit.  Just watching the rocks and the weather is fun, the deer are not bothered by us and just go about their business. 

My son got the reservations so he could do some photography, so he took off early each morning and around sunset to get some good pictures.  I have not seen his pictures yet, but I managed to get a few that pleased me.

Our first full day there was for hiking to Dark Angel.  We had made it out to Double O Arch some years ago, but not all the way to Dark Angel and I'm pleased that I finally made it.  I may not be able to hike that far again, but it was a beautiful hike.
Double O is a double arch, my son wandered off to get some shots, and there were people climbing on the top for their pictures.  I was pleased to find a shady spot and have some lunch.

From a different angle and from quite a distance away from it, Dark Angel looks like an angel with her head bowed.  From this angle it just looks massive...can you see the little figure at the right of the monolith...that is my son.  He did manage to get a shot of the four of us under the rock, I hope it worked out.

On the way back, we saw beautiful view of the red rock fins.  Luckily, I did not kill myself sliding down a fin, my son caught me and I did suffer from some heat exhaustion, I needed to drink more water.
The hike was about 7 miles round trip, and that was a long one for an old lady like me, and my even older DH.

Second day we mostly drove, took pictures and did a harrowing 4-wheel trip to Eye of the Whale.  My son, the driver, didn't think it was that bad...but I had to get out of the car and walk down one of the scared me that bad.

I took a picture of my son taking a picture of me standing in the Eye of the Whale arch.  You can barely see him in the center of the picture.  We all waited  in the shade while he did his work.

My daughter managed to climb down to check out the wild life in one of the pot holes.  It is amazing that aquatic life manages in these dessert regions!  She always manages to find some.  On the primitive trail back from Dark Angel, we managed to wade through one pot hole, it was only about knee high at the deepest.

Although we didn't drive out to the Window's area, we did manage to get a nice shot of it from the distance.  Again you can see the Henry mountains and the rain trying to fall.

I had to get a picture of my favorite rock formation.  In the center to the right is Sheep rock.  I always love to see it.  To the left of it are the Three Gossips, but as you drive past them they really look like four gossips.  The one on the right has the fourth one standing behind her whispering in her ear!

That afternoon, we had reservations for the ranger led tour through the Fiery Furnace.  I felt like my knee would hold people body had enough.  So we checked me into a motel and the others had a great time on the hike.

Our last day, we had to go to Canyonland National Park.  This is the 50th anniversary of the park, so we did a drive through and stopped for pictures, of course.

Canyonland seems to go on forever.  The views are magnificent.  Can you see the rain falling in the distance?

The Henry Mountains are in the distance and in the mid-ground, you can see where the river has cut it's way though the rock.  You can even see a little patch of blue river in the center of the picture.

Yes that is a dirt road going down the cliff (a very steep road.) and a little white camper on is way down.  There are lots of old dirt roads around and in Canyonlands from the uranium boom from the 50's.  There is so little rainfall in a year that these roads do not heal fast.

After looking at the pictures documenting the great trip, I am so happy.  I need to just enjoy each day and worry less about what I think I am not getting done.