summer flowers

summer flowers

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I have a computer again

Our household had been partially without a computer.  I don't know what happened, but the main tower would let the other two linked computers work, but my files were not available.  I have been in panic mode trying to get taxes for my business finished and figuring how I could write up an invoice.
Thanks to my DS, I now have a halfway computer.  We have it running on a different processor (it seems to be the motherboard giving us problems).  So we need to order new parts and get my original tower working.  This one is really slow, and will not play online videos.  Small problems for the joy of being able to get into my files.

My winter classes are almost done and because of a road trip with my sisters, I will not be starting again until the end of April.  A little time to catch up on the things I want to do around the house.  I really need to get my studio and the annex in shape, walking in there is like a pathway house.  I have lots of craft stuff and I need to decide what I can actually do and what can be passed on to someone else.  I think I can live forever and get all the projects done...but that may not be the case.

The first of this month, I took a 3 day workshop with Sarah Jackson...her color workshop.  It was great fun and I even learned a few things.  It is always good to be forced to combine colors in a different way.  I took lots of pictures, but unfortunately, I can't figure how to put pictures on this computer tower.  Sarah is a great teacher and shares herself and her design sense with you.  This is my second workshop with her and she helps me think about weaving things in a different way.  It is always good to get another perspective on what you are doing.

I finished on set of scarves for commission

I am still weaving scarves and a few rugs.  I was pleased to get one set done, that is the invoice that I was so worried about.  I have another set going on the loom now, but no new pictures.
Yarn for the next group of scarves
This group is alpaca (the previous was Icelandic Sheep), and has more white.  I plan to do the pinwheel and dornik check patterns, but one llama was named "Lace" and is white.  I want to do some lace scarves from her yarn.  I think they will be wonderful.

This weekend, I'm going on a road trip with my Mom and sisters.  We only have a long weekend, but it will be good to get out of the valley and see something new.  I hope to be able to go to the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe while we are there.

Spring is blooming everywhere.  The trees are in bloom and daffodils are blooming.
Here is an old picture of my beautiful daffodils.