summer flowers

summer flowers

Friday, January 20, 2012

End of the Year Report

Several of the blogs that I read have a year end review of their work, so I decided to put together what I did this year.  It was fun to do, I had to do some additional photography, but I think I got all my projects included.

Stitch Sampler
Shawl Sampler

I took a class in Russian Shawl knitting and spinning.  I learned to spin on a Russian spindle, knitted some beautiful pieces, and instead of knitting a shawl, bought one from the teacher!

Knitted a scarf for a friend

Knit and felted a bag
Hand spun and knit socks        


Left over hand spun for second pair
My favorite self striping yarn for socks
A new sock pattern with lace at the toe 
Here I used self striping sock yarn to weave a scarf then added gold beads.
 Although this picture shows unfinished socks, I finished this pair of St. Paddy's Day socks.  My sock knitting is usually done at work between taking phone calls.

Loved these fingerless mitts on the cover of Knitting Traditions.
Finally finished the weaving to make the Pin Keeper on my Bobbin Lace Pillow.
Again my favorite sock yarn in rainbow!
A hat to match the hand spun, woven scarf

Over dyed some shirts
7 yards of shirt fabric  

Fabric for the film set
Two gray blankets for the film set
First try with alpaca for pillow tops.
First try at the corespun rugs
Second corespun rug, I love the colors.
Moses look a like fabric for the film
Socks from work in Harry Potter colorway.

Ground loom for film set
Second warp weighted loom

Third warp weighted loom for film
Me at the film set with the first loom

Second warp for rugs
I got some with stripes

A couple that the yarn was varigated
and a wonderful white cloud with a pillow.

I put a dummy warp
on my Baby Wolf loom
and just kept retying new scarfs
in different colors
and different yarns.

Got another pair done at work
Wound a space-dyed yarn to give Faux Ikat!
Kept adding new warps
to the dummy warp
for a total of eleven warps.
I usually wove two scarves
on each warp, some were
identical twins, some were
fraternal twins, you can see
some of the similarities in the
pictures, but I finally decided

that I had done enough scarves.
My last pair of  work socks.
First pair of unemployment socks
Knit some Soot Sprites...need to do more of these.

20 yards of warp yielded nine beautiful rugs from the core spun yarn.
Finally finished the knit shawl
A new table mat for the kitchen.
Head band test for my sisters headband.
Bag from a single strip of weaving.
Loved the hat pattern, had to knit it, love the wearer, too.

Wow, I managed to do more that I thought.  Of course, not working for a couple of months gave me more time at the looms.
I don't know what the new year will bring, but happy crafting to all of us.