summer flowers

summer flowers

Monday, November 22, 2010

A fun Weekend

I have had a couple of fun weekends.  In October I spend the weekend crafting with my sisters and in November I spend a weekend weaving and dyeing multiple-colored warps.  Both weekends were great and I got to do some new things both times.

It took my sisters and I several weeks to find a time we could all get together, but it worked out great.  Mom and the four of us spent three nights and four days at a condo in Park City.  We stayed up late talking and spent the days making ATC, Dream Angles, and sculpting paper clay. 

We had not done a lot of planning for the crafts, so each of us brought up boxes of possibilities.  We could have been crafting for weeks with all of our stuff.  We really want to do it again, maybe we will be better at how much we bring up...

On Saturday, my younger sister taught us how to make ATC (Artist Trading Cards).  We started with a deck of cards and applied paper, paint, pictures, glitter, and anything else we could find in the boxes.  My sister is in an internet group that trades card, so she has made a bunch of them and we all had fun with them.  I ended up re-layering the one I did because the first picture was not so great, so I just covered her up with another one.  I didn't layer an antiquing paint on it and I wish that I had.  With the scrape booking I had done with a friend, it kind of transferred over, but with ATC it was on a smaller scale.  The second card was easier.  I really liked the one that Mom did and the extra that Annette added to it...Italy.

Sunday, we did the Dream Angels.  My sister had got some Styrofoam  bodies at a art store sell and had purchased them at a deal.  She had covered the body with paper and fabric for the dress and painted the arms, legs, and faces.  We had to paint faces, and I am not good at that.  Two of my sisters paint very well and with their help, I ended up with a pretty face.  We just painted the hair, but I want to add mohair for a wilder look.  They all looked wonderful and we were able to talk until late in the night.

Because we were working on the table each day...we just let everything stay there.  We did clear out between each craft, but we were not able to eat on the table until the last lunch just before we left.  We ate out several times and brought easy breakfast food for the morning.  

The last day we did paper clay.  This was a new experience for all of us.  Luckily, Lori is a great sculptor (check out her work at her blog,  Between the four of us, there were two little witches, Lori did a cute little boy in costume for Halloween and I did a pumpkin.  Lori helped me with some great googly eyes, and a chicken lipped grin.  Thanks to her help, my little guy looks great.  The paper was so thick on mine (mostly with the ridges on the pumpkin, but also the eye ridges) that it took several days with a fan blowing on him at home to get him completely dry.  I want to add forked sticks for the arms and will probably add a little trick-r-treat bag to finish him up.  He will be a great decoration for next year.  Even though he was not done this year, he, of course, was displayed and looked good.

The last night, we were up late again and the snow started to fall.  By morning, we had a very white world out the window.

After we had packed up, we decided to finish up the food left in the fridge and made a great salad for lunch.   After spending 4 days, we finally got to have a meal on the table.

After looking at all the pictures again, I can't wait until we can do this again.