summer flowers

summer flowers

Sunday, April 29, 2018


April has been sunshine and snow.  It is funny to have a day when the temperature is 70 degrees and the next day it is snowing.  My daffodils got snowed on several times this year.
This one was just a light dusting
I have been working on some placemats with a variation of honeysuckle overshot.  She picked out the design when I showed her some of my work.  I was surprised to see that I wove that pattern in 1988.  I really like the look of it and I am surprised that I have not done any other work with it.  I often thought I would like to do some yardage with a fine thread using that design.

It has a lacy look and I am very pleased with it.

I also did some weaving for a woman who does baby wraps.  I have always wondered about weaving them.  It is a lot like weaving yardage, just the same thing over and over.  In this case the 8/2 was about 24 ppi and it took a while to weave a yard.  I was slower than I usually think about my weaving.  

It was pretty familiar to weave, because it was on a Macomber loom.  It was about 8 inches wider than mine, so it felt heavier, but I love to weave on a Mac.

I also took a class in tonder lace with the bobbin lace group.  I have always loved the look of point ground laces and I was interested in tonder.  I was a bit over my head.  I had not done lace for a few months and it took a couple of hours for me to get into the groove.  Tonder is done with 140/2 cotton and so after a six hour day, I had about a half an inch.  I took it apart a couple of times and I had to adjust to that fine yarn.  At first I was breaking it.
This is a piece from the more experienced students
The second piece that I got to start is a straight edge that this heart is based on.  It is really beautiful lace.  I am not sure if I like this better than Bucks point.

I am also working on getting my old stacks of stuff cleaned up and some of it given away.  I really think it is time that I pass around some of my "stash".  There are some projects that I will never get around to.