summer flowers

summer flowers

Friday, September 23, 2011

On the film set

I got a call at eight in the evening to go to the film set the next day to teach the actors how to weave and spin.   Bad news is that I forgot my camera, something my sisters had said be sure to take.  Good news is that my contact at the set took some pictures of me to share.  

I spent the morning explaining why the set up they had for the "look" of the loom was not going to be able to weave.  Once we got the loom set up I spent a few minutes with the actor.  We were constantly interrupted with the things she was needed for...set the lights, run through  the scene, etc. 

While they were working with her, my contact give me a tour of the set...very impressive.
Here is a "street" in "Jerusalem"
I'm not sure what this area is being used for, but it was very interesting
During my break from the weaving lessons, and they found me three extras and to teach basic spinning to.  We had some spindles that the carpenters had made. These spindles had no balance to them to keep them spinning, and they were rough because of the "aging." The wool was dirty "range fleece" about 1" long, so not the easiest to learn to spin on.   But these women were great and we were getting continuous yarn after a little while.  My contact on the set was also interested in learning and he caught on quickly but was not able to practice due to the demands of his work.

I spent the next little while sitting in an undecorated (but cool with a breeze going through) room near where my "student" was being filmed.  I had brought my spindle and so I got a good amount of spinning done while waiting and when walking around.

After some time, the assistant director came in and said that the director decided that the actor would not be weaving in the film, but they needed a weaver to be weaving in the "street scene" and rushed me off to wardrobe and make-up!

I had my face, hands and feet painted a darker color and got eyebrows darkened and then was taken to the set.  I got some head gear adjustment by the wardrobe and then I helped the extra I had just taught to get her spinning started for the filming.

She had to pin the head gear so I could lift my arms to weave.

The extra had just learned to spin, I think she looks great.     

Here we are as the scene was filmed.

The door with the column, that you can see in the background though the arch is the one that I was standing next to in the first picture...Isn't movie making amazing!  In the movie, I may be seen few seconds in the background or it may be completely cut out, but it was lots of fun to watch it being done and to see the amazing set that they built.